Wellness and Travel

Personalization in Client Service

Wellness and travel go hand in hand. From my years in the wellness industry, I learned that the most important piece of the treatment was getting to know my client before I ever touched them. The more information I learned about their life, their experiences, their work situation, and the stressors in their life IN ADDITION to their medical history always steered me in the right direction. The other important piece of information was what treatment they had already received, because it kept me from doing something already tried previously. As I transitioned into the travel industry, I found that I treat my clients in the same manner as I did in the wellness industry. It is equally as important to find out the details of my clients' lives to understand not only what they want on this particular travel experience, but also information about their previous travel, things that are most important to them when traveling, any medical or other accommodations that are required, and all the other details that can make or break a great travel adventure.

Travel FOR wellness is also important. If you are looking for education, new techniques, relaxation with a wellness focus, or traveling with a wellness group for a new experience, combining travel and wellness is always a good idea.

Integrating these two ideas into one experience brings clients into another great relationship by knowing that they can count on me to make their experience the best it can be.

Always Use A Travel Advisor

From The First Thought to Completion of Your Travel

Travel Advisors save you time, money, worry, and make sure that your planning is handled professionally. They are experts in finding information about destinations, either through their own experiences or those of their connections. They can hear about issues before you do and begin handling them, as they are your advocate not only during the planning, but during and after your trip. A good travel advisor can become one of your greatest allies in all of your recreation and travel experiences.

In addition, online booking agencies offer the least desirable seats, rooms, and flights instead of providing you with the best experiences in all areas of your travel.